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Austin Interior Concrete Floor Projects

Check out these great interior concrete floor projects from contractors near Austin, TX. View photos of their decorative concrete work inside local businesses and homes and read about how these concrete contractors can achieve unique looks for your homes floors. For more information and photos, or to contact a contractor, click on their company name.

Applied Color Concrete
Wimberley, TX 78676

This commercial floor has large 16 foot designs stenciled and saw cut into the concrete surface. The concrete was acid stained and then stencils were placed on the surface and the pattern was ground into the concrete. Sand was placed on the concrete while the swirls were stained, this holds the stain on the surface longer which creates a unique pattern. Airbrushing was also used along the score lines. This project is located at an education station in San Marcos, TX.

Advanced Surfacing
Austin, TX 78731

After removing tile & carpet, a skim coat was applied to this floor. The design was actually drawn by the homeowner and then scored into the concrete with a hand held Makita grinder. The colors are Kemiko Cola and Black. The grayish-green parts are the natural color of the resurfacing product. The floor was then sealed with a solvent based, acrylic sealer and the score lines were grouted.

Austin, TX 78737

This contemporary residence was built in Austin, Texas in the early '90s. The builder was Nick Lorette and the architect was Jeff Berkus. The concrete floors were deep scored with a 3' square grid and paste waxed with traffic wax. The mix was straight 5 sacks and the finish was beautifully troweled to create shade variations in the foundation.

Nouveau Rustique Decorative Concrete
Round Rock, TX 78664

This client wanted to remodel the entire downstairs of their house. They had water-damaged wood floors and old linoleum in the kitchen. We gave them our specialized overlay with two colors of custom stain (not acid stain), polished the floors, and used a hybridized low-gloss sealer for easier care and maintenance.

Nouveau Rustique Decorative Concrete
Round Rock, TX 78664

The owners of this Interior Design Studio/Gift Boutique wanted an Italian Tuscan-feeling floor with some ornate designs in all entryways to mesh with all the different plaster and paint techniques on the walls and custom antique furniture. Amazingly, these floors were covered with industrial carpet and VCT tile. We went back over them with a specialized stain (not acid stain) and created this warm distressed look that when you are standing on it looks like a large polished piece of wood.

Austin, TX 78720

The 100+ year old slab was in bad shape, it had a ½ overlay and epoxy coating on the surface. The coatings were ground off with a diamond grinder and then the concrete was diamond polished to reveal a BEAUTIFUL polished floor beneath. A very historic and unique floor it was! This floor can be seen at the "Maria Maria" Restaurant, owned by Carlos Santana.